Fare-thee-well, Superfly.

After nearly three years at Superfly, I am hanging up my hat. 2018 brought a lot of changes for me both personally and professionally and the time felt right to follow my heart and move my life to Nashville; something I’ve had on the back burner for about six years.

Saying my time at Superfly was special is the understatement of my life. Not only did I make friendships that I will cherish as long as I live, I got to do some really cool shit and work with really incredible teams. This was my first real position in the music and event space, stepping outside of my heavy big-brand advertising box and into a much more creative and passionate world. Everyone here gives a damn. Everyone here is brilliant and passionate about what they do.

You see, we spend upwards of a year on any one festival, year over year over year. Add anywhere from 3-5 mega festivals per year to that and you’ve got yourself not just one but a couple of full plates. We work tirelessly on these events that last just three days out of the year; it’s insane. But when the time comes and that event happens, the feelings, the smiles, the togetherness and the vibes make every ache and mental pain more than worth it.

To my teams - both brand marketing and design - you’re incredible. Your hearts are big, your creativity is vast and your dedication is always at the maximum. It will be hard to find a team that measures up. I am grateful for what I have learned and what this has given me to apply to the future. I leave you with the Outside Lands recap. It was a blessing to end my tenure working on my favorite festival, one last time.


Denver music festival: Superfly’s new Phoenix fest offers a glimpse of what’s to come

Denver Post - The Know
PHOENIX — As darkness fell on Steele Indian School Park on Sunday, hundreds of people gathered to watch the giant metal lotuses on the lake bloom with flames. The flowers, which appeared to float innocuously on the water all day, were rigged to shoot fire several feet on the hour after sunset in sync with songs such as Rage Against the Machine’s “Bulls on Parade” and Prince’s “Purple Rain.” 

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The Outside Lands 2017 Afterglow

Still beaming.

Relive all of your adventures in Wine Lands, late night snacks in Choco Lands, and performances by Metallica, The Who, and more with the official Outside Lands 2017 Afterglow Video. Bleachers "Don't Take The Money" courtesy of RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

5 Best Things That Happened at Outside Lands 2016

(I'm still recovering from The Muppets)

LCD Soundsystem, Radiohead, Miguel, Lionel Richie and Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem made the San Francisco music festival one to remember

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Best of Bonnaroo 2016: Haim, Andra Day, Crawfish, BonnaGrannies & More

Though it was the first year Live Nation had fully taken over, Bonnaroo began and ended just as it always had for the past 15 years: with crawfish. The annual Manchester, Tennessee-based music and arts festival kicked off Thursday (June 9) night with a crawfish boil hosted by Chris "Shaggy" Davis of NOLA Crawfish King whose tent, refrigerated trucks and 4,000 pounds of crustaceans remained nestled in the woods among a sea of tents and pathways lit by string lights over the four day event. 

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Bonnaroo 2015

Those who have been to the farm before return for the same reasons. It's an escape to something close to a nirvana; escape from reality, love: 100K new best friends for four days straight, and of course the music. I'm going to go ahead and consider myself a Bonnaroo veteran with this being my third consecutive year. This year was arguably my least favorite lineup out of the last three years, but whatevs. It was also the hottest camping experience so far and our camp literally was about as far away as we could get (I really missed that Olay partnership with the girls only restrooms and vanity stations I was parked next to last year). But with all of that being said, none of the heat or bathroom situations really mattered. I still left with the same elated and positive feelings that I do every single year.

I can never say enough great things about this festival. You enter, set up, and become part of a "community" of people who want nothing more than to spread positivity and embrace four days of music and love. When you exit, you have a high that lasts you the rest of the summer. I hope a 4th year is in my future - but a RV may need to be in the works this time around... 



Best shows of the weekend:
Tears for Fears (seriously.)
Run the Jewels
Kendrick Lamar
Robert Plant
Glass Animals
Alabama Shakes
Florence and the Machine 
De Lux

Biggest Disappointment:
Billy Joel. What gives?