Disclosure: Caracal

Caracal - perhaps the album I've anticipated most this year. After the strong beats and stellar track lineup of Settle that I could literally listen to from front to back over and over and never grow tired of it, it's needless to say that my expectations were high. Unfortunately...well...Pitchfork gave the review that said it best. 

Don't get me wrong, their sophomore album is beautifully crafted and executed well, but a lot of the tracks fall a little flat and don't have the energy the first album carried through - literally from start to finish. 

Ultimately, Caracal just doesn’t feel much fun, and even its highs are nowhere near Settle’s polished bliss. Once trendsetters, here the Lawrence brothers too often fade noncommittally into white noise.
— Meaghan Garvey, Pitchfork
Killer album art though...

Killer album art though...