Riot Fest.

Oh, Riot Fest. WTF decade are we in? The one festival in Chicago I had yet to attend in my five years prior to the year hop I made to NYC. What can I say? I felt like I was back in college but also surrounded by metal heads. Thrice? Rancid? Iggy? No Doubt? Anthrax? ALL IN ONE PLACE?! This is amazing. Kinda...

My blissfully muddy Friday started with one of my all time favs - Thrice. Just close my eyes and take my heart - I'm suddenly 21 again. I don't care what you say, I will always love them. From there - I saw a couple other emo favorites from my past like Alkaline Trio, No Doubt, and a little Flogging Molly. The biggest surprise: I thoroughly enjoyed Anthrax. I don't know why. I don't know how. But they "slayed" and they have some seriously amazing hair.

Uh, BTW - Gwen, still hot. Still killing it. Still the same No Doubt they were 15 years ago. Except for when they play new songs, obvi.

Saturday. The soft ground and spots of mud had at this point turned into a pool of mud covering the grounds from every angle. My poor sweet chucks...RIP. Day two was a disappointment. The mud was one factor, but we got such a late start that we missed so many bands I wanted to check out and I knew I could only stay until about 6pm. So, we watched Pennywise and a few other bands I could have lived without or didn't recognize. But honestly, there was only one band I really wanted to see straight outta the 80's. I needed the Killing Moon. I needed Lips Like Sugar. And what did I do? I fucking missed Echo & the Bunnymen and that set the tone for the rest of my day. So...I called it. 

I can't say I'll be back, but for what it was worth - I really enjoyed the nostalgia factor, and this guy's jacket: