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Stevie Nicks ft HAIM - Rhiannon

Rhiannon - Stevie Nicks ft HAIM

Working hard to twerk harder. 

I don’t care what anyone says. That T. Swift has my style respect.

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Hello Goodbye cover - The Cure


London Grammar - Hey Now
Tensnake Remix

AKA - THE jam.

Natalie Dormer for the win. 

My oh-so important MTV Best Dressed is…
Kendall = winner winner chicken Jenner. 

One of the most gorgeous time-lapse videos, everrrrrrrr!

I know Robin William is trending, and I think it’s safe to say that the nation and perhaps even the world is stunned and taken aback by his decision to leave this place we call earth. I just want to add something outside of the obvious fact that we are all shocked to realize he was a man with real demons and was a recovering addict battling depression who made us laugh for a while…

Robin Williams has made three generations keel over in laughter. Maybe even four. He’s a one-man-band type of artist, but aside from his comedy and his ability to be brilliantly dramatic, he was also an advocate for our troops and sick children, a father, a husband, and believe it or not - a living, breathing human being with real life ups and downs just like you and I. When I think about his body of work (don’t get me wrong, I am most definitely a fan of many of his more serious and tearful roles) what I enjoy most are the memories I have with my sisters watching his flicks. We grew up watching him disguised as a bat, a genie, an old lady, Pan “the man,” a trapped man living the adventures of a board game, a professor, a toy maker’s adult son, and a rapidly aging boy named Jack. These movies showed us how to laugh and feel.  

You know, a few months ago a friend was telling me to watch “World’s Greatest Dad” and raved about how wonderful he is in the film. I hadn’t gotten around to it yet, but I am familiar with the plot. Given the haunting similarities of art imitating life to only have life imitate art, I’m not sure if I will watch it at this point. But I am haunted by a quote that I know comes from this film that I think is a lesson to anyone suffering from any sort of depression big or small: “Remember, suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems.

In this weird way, I almost feel like I lost a member of my family; a loving and funny uncle that only came around every once in a while. It’s hard to explain but I am realizing a lot of you can relate based off of the overwhelming expression of sadness on social media. I am only able to imagine his footprint on the rest of this world. I am truly saddened by his exit and we will greatly miss him.

I broke into the restricted area. Well actually, I danced my way in.
-Robin Williams, Toys. 

Bangarang, sir.


Oldie but goodie.

Two Corn Chips.

We knew it was coming, we were just hoping for a miracle.

Dammit I love history.



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